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How to Fix Dll Error,How to Fix Dll not found,How to Fix Dll missing,How to Fix Dll

05 May

How to Fix NowStarter.ocx Misiing?

About NowStarter.ocx, You Should Learn About The Reason of Causing Dll Errors. What Could Cause Dll Not Found?

According to research, the reason causes dll error is Malware infection. Malware infection, as the most common reason behind dll errors, including virus, worms, Trojan, adware, and spyware. They often modify or delete the dll files on the system which is very important.

You should notice that: The improper installation or uninstallation of programs or applications need also causelead to Rundll errors.

As everyone know that Dll, a Dynamic Link Library, is a file which can include code and data used by several different programs at one time, such as Kernel32.dll, etc.

The page will show you how to download and install NowStarter.ocx file. Just have a try.

Free Download NowStarter.ocx

File Name: NowStarter.ocx
Filemd5: 9941f2618c16703b654045d65caad35c
LegalCopyright: -
FileDescription: -
Company: (C) NOWCOM
Memos: (C) NOWCOM Starter
SecurityLevel: High

Do You Know What is Dll?


Dll, Dynamic Link Library, which contains instructions and data sometimes used across multiple program components.

However, some DLL files on your system may only be necessary for one application. If you are trying to remove a third-party program or virus and are incurring errors preventing the deletion, such as access denied or currently in use errors. Under the situation,

you will need to unregister the DLL files associated with that program to remove it from memory.

How to Install Dll Files?

As an important part of the Microsoft Windows, the corrupted and deleted dlls needs to be reinstalled.

How to Find and Install Dll Files?
  • Step 1. Find out the full name of the DLL file that you require. Write this down in a notepad document or on a piece of paper.
  • Step 2. Use Google, or some other search engine, to locate the DLL. You could usually find these types of files on DLL collection websites (see Resources).


  • Step 3. Follow the on-screen steps to download the file to your computer. Save it in an easily accessible location such as your desktop, or your My Documents folder. Make sure not to rename the DLL file when downloading.
  • Step 4. These files usually come within a .zip document. Right-click on the .zip, and choose the option extract here. This will place the .dll file just outside of the .zip file, so that you could access it.
  • Step 5. Right-click on the .dll file, and select cut.
  • Step 6. Click your root drive (usually C:), and then to Windows and system32. Anywhere in this folder, right click on the screen, and choose paste. This would copy the DLL into the registry folder for Windows.
  • Step 7. Go to your start menu, and open the Run program. In the text area, type regsvr32 then the path and name of the DLL file you just copied (for example, type regsvr32 C://windows/system32/Kzscan.dll). This will open the registry registrar program for Windows, and it will automatically register the DLL that you just copied into the system folder.
This is very easy to handle with, you can have a try.

How to Remove a Virus on a DLL File?

Sometimes, you may be infected with a dll virus. You should remove it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the dll virus could latch onto a different program and begin spreading harmful content through your operating system.

  • Step 1. Press and hold the CTRL, ALT and DELETE buttons together. This opens the Windows Task Manager window.
  • Step 2. Select the Processes tab, then look through the listings until you find a program titled wscript.exe. If you see the file click it and select End Process.
  • Step 3. click Start followed by My Computer. In My Computer choose the Tools tab at the top of the screen, then select Folder Options from the pull-down menu.
  • Step 4. Choose View and click Hidden files and folders, then select OK.
The Last Step. Return back to My Computer and click the C: drive. Right-click and choose Open. When the new window appears look for Kzscan.dll.vbs. If you can't find it here open the Windows folder and browse for the file. If you still can not find the virus push the F3 button and click All files and folders, then type Kzscan.dll.vbs. This searches for the .dll virus. Once it is found you can select the file and click Delete to remove it from notebook.

Take Adobeowl.dll Errors as Example.


Take adobeowl.dll errors as example, how to repair adobeowl.dll errors. Usually, File Not Found, Missing File and Exception Errors. are the common reading ofadobeowl.dll error messages. Therefore let me show people how to fix adobeowl.dll errors. Here is the concrete process:

  • Step 1. Go to the website and download the adobeowl.dll file. Save the file to the System32 or System folder, depending on the operating system.
  • Step 2. Select Yes to replace the damaged adobeowl.dll with the new one.
  • Step 3. Hit Start, and type cmd in the Start Search field. Press Enter.
  • Step 4. Paste regsvr32 adobeowl.dll in the Command Prompt. Press Enter. The procedure registers the DLL file.
  • Step 5. Restart the PC once you replace and register the file. Make sure that the error messages no longer appear.

What People Say?

Adalia Says:

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The Best Software to Fix Dll Error

SmartPC Fixer is the most skilled software that I have ever used. Besides dll download, it is designed to scan, diagnose and repair your operating system. If you want the PC to perform a perfect state, you can reach it by the function of Easy Repair Wizard, Error Utilities, File Association fixer, Register ActiveX, Shortcuts Fixer, Winsock2 Repair toolkit, Dll Fixer and more. In a word, It can fix system errors, improve startup, clean registry, defrag disk, optimize system settings.

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