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How to Fix Dll Error,How to Fix Dll not found,How to Fix Dll missing,How to Fix Dll

11 May

How to Repair NETPPTP.SYS Not Found?

About NETPPTP.SYS, You Can Know About The Reason of Causing Dll Errors. What Can Cause Dll Not Found?

According to research, the reason causes dll missing is Malware infection. Malware infection, as the most common reason behind dll errors, including virus, worms, Trojan, adware, and spyware. They often modify or delete the dll files on the system which is very important.

Please pay attention: The improper installation or uninstallation of programs or applications can also causelead to Rundll errors.

As everyone know that Dll, a Dynamic Link Library, is a file which could contain code and data used by several different programs at the same time, such as Kernel32.dll, etc.

This page will show you how to download and install NETPPTP.SYS file. Just have a try.

Free Download NETPPTP.SYS

Filemd5: 012a7bc7e123d45bbcf7d99495247efd
LegalCopyright: -
FileDescription: -
ProductVersion: 4.90.3000
Company: Microsoft Corporation
Memos: -
SecurityLevel: High

What Does Dll Mean?

You might wonder what is dll. The extension of a computer file is the second part of the file name that comes after the dot. The most common implementation of the DLL file extension is Microsoft's Dynamic Link Libraries. On the other hand, dynamically generated web pages, associated with a Microsoft IIS web server have the DLL file extension. IIS stands for Internet Information Services, which is the second most implemented web server application all over the world after the Apache web server.

How to Install Internet Explorer DLL?

Installing a Dll, Dynamic Link Library, is ordinarily accomplished through an executable installation. However, some add-on applications for Internet Explorer demand registration of the DLL manually.

The following is the way to install Internet Explorer DLL:
  • Step 1. Download the DLL file and save them to a directory on your PC. It's very important to note where the files are preserved, since this path is needed for the registration process.
  • Step 2. Click the Windows Start button and choose the Run option from the menu. Type cmd into the text box and check the Enter key. Windows opens a DOS command prompt.
  • Step 3. Type regsvr32 <path><filename>.<ext> into the command prompt and control the Enter key. Replace <path> with the directory noted from Step1. Replace <filename>.<ext> with the name and extension of the Internet Explorer download file.
  • Step 4. Uninstall the add-on using the same process but using the -u switch.

How to Remove Dll Virus in My Computer?

Betweentimes, when you are infected with a .dll virus, you should ensure to track it down and remove it Within the shortest time.

It is the process of how to remove dll virus:
  • Step 1. Press and hold the CTRL, ALT and DELETE buttons together. It opens the Windows Task Manager window.
  • Step 2. Select the Processes tab, then look through the listings until you find a program titled wscript.exe. If you see the file click it and choose End Process.
  • Step 3. Hit Start followed by My Computer. In My Computer select the Tools tab at the top of the screen, then select Folder Options from the pull-down menu.
  • Step 4. Choose View and click Hidden files and folders, then Pick OK.
  • Step 5. Return back to My Computer and Pick the C: drive. Right-click and Select Open. While the new window appears look for MS32dll.dll.vbs. If you could not find it here open the Windows folder and browse for the file. If you still could not find the virus Select the F3 button and select All files and folders, then type MS32dll.dll.vbs. This searches for the .dll virus. Once it is found you could choose the file and click Delete to remove it from your computer.

Take MFC71.dll Not Found As an Example:

Firstly, the Mfc71.dll file is a legitimate component of the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 program. Sometimes an error with this file is showed because a file was accidentally deleted, probably with a cleaning software or when a program was uninstalled. Next, the page will show you how to fix MFC71.dll not found.

  • Step 1. Shut down the system. Turn it off wholly and let it sit for a count of 10. Generally speaking, the system will find the missing file just by doing a hard reboot.
  • Step 2. Download the Mfc71.dll security patch. Do this only if you're on a Windows 2000 or a Windows XP operating system. Download the file from Microsoft and install it.
  • Step 3. Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date. It could usually be done manually after opening the anti-virus software. Since there are many anti-virus programs, each one updates differently. Generally speaking, the icon is on the taskbar in the bottom right-hand side of your computer screen. Right click on the icon.  Sometimes an update command could be accessed at this point by scrolling to the update now or something similar. Betweentimes the anti-virus software has to be opened with a double click to be updated.
  • Step 4. Demonstrate a complete system scan for viruses. Make sure scan the Temp, System and Program Files as these are the files where the viruses have been known to be found. Depending on the size of your system, this could take up to several hours. Remove any identified Trojans or viruses found by the anti-virus software.
  • Step 5. Update Internet Explorer to the latest version. Download and update the software from the Microsoft website. Install it and then reboot the system. Internet Explorer comes with a Mfc71.dll file and it will likely replace the missing one onyour system.
  • Step 6. Uninstall the software that is causing the error. Go to the Control Panel: Start>Control Panel>Add and Remove Programs. Let the list populate and go down to the program that is causing the error. Click Remove. While prompted, click Uninstall. Reboot the system before reinstalling the software.

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