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How to Fix Dll Error,How to Fix Dll not found,How to Fix Dll missing,How to Fix Dll

19 May

oepg.dat Missing

Take MSHTML.DLL as Example:


You may know that MSHTML.DLL file is heavily involved with the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser which could read and show HTML Web pages. However, you can not know that MSHTML.DLL file might cause the browser to quit unexpectedly while rendering HTML pages. Here is the concrete process that the user can take to restore browser functionally.

  • Step 1. Reset Internet Explorer settings by opening the program, Hitting the Tools menu and hitting Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab and then hit Reset in the Reset Internet Explorer Settings window to confirm.
  • Step 2. Download and install the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Microsoft website. If you're running an outdated version of the browser, upgrading may fix the the MSHTML.DLL error by replacing the file. While finished installing, restart the PC, then open the browser and navigate to an HTML page to test.
  • Step 3. Install the latest service pack upgrade for your version of the Windows operating system. Go to the Microsoft Update website and choose Express Install. Choose to install the latest updates for the computer, then restart.
  • Step 4. Run the System File Checker program. This built-in utility checks important system files and automatically replaces missing or corrupted files. ClickHit the Start menu, then select Run. In the text area, type sfc /scannow and press the Enter key. If any files are found to be missing or corrupted, you'll need to insert your Windows disc into your optical drive so the files can be replaced. Reboot your computer once the program has completed the check.
  • Step 5. Reset the TCP/IP protocol settings on your computer. Hit the Start menu and select Run. Type in cmd to open the command prompt window. Type in netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt and press the Enter key. It will rewrite two registry entries that are used by the TCP/IP Internet protocol, which could solve the DLL error. Reboot the PC.
  • Step 6. Download and install a registry cleaner that checks the Windows registry for errors and fixes or deletes corrupted entries. Run the registry cleaner to check for errors, opting to fix any that are detected, and then Reboot the computer.
  • Step 7. Test the result of any or all of these steps by opening Internet Explorer and browsing to any Web page with the file extension .htm or .html. If the program renders the pages without error, the MSHTML.DLL file has been successfully repaired or replaced.



As everyone know that Dll, a Dynamic Link Library, is a file which can include code and data used by a few different programs at a time, such as Kernel32.dll, etc.

The page will show you how to download and install oepg.dat file. Just have a try.

Free Download oepg.dat

File Name: oepg.dat
Filemd5: 9c04bd87272ede031c021a3caf1fb8c1
LegalCopyright: -
FileDescription: -
ProductVersion: -
Company: -
Memos: �P��������Ħ��Ǥ�֬��ظ��ƘO�@��
SecurityLevel: High

How to Install Internet Explorer DLL?

Installing a Dll, Dynamic Link Library, is normally accomplished by an executable installation. Yet, some add-on applications for Internet Explorer demand registration of the DLL manually.

The following is the way to install Internet Explorer DLL:
  • Step 1. Download the DLL file and keep them to a directory on your computer. It's important to note where the files are saved, since this path is needed for the registration process.
  • Step 2. Click the Windows Start button and choose the Run option from the menu. Type cmd into the text box and check the Enter key. Windows opens a DOS command prompt.
  • Step 3. Type regsvr32 <path><filename>.<ext> into the command prompt and control the Enter key. Replace <path> with the directory noted from Step1. Replace <filename>.<ext> with the name and extension of the Internet Explorer download file.
  • Step 4. Uninstall the add-on using the same process while using the -u switch.

How to Kill a DLL File?

People might not know that A DLL file contains procedural instructions, resources and assignment through library linking for software applications.
Next, I will take different types of OS as example:
Windows Vista/7:
  • Step 1. Click Start and then on the All Programs link.
  • Step 2. Navigate to the Accessories folder.
  • Step 3. Right-click on the Command Prompt icon and choose Run as Administrator from the right-click menu.
  • Step 4. Type regsvr32 /u file.dll
Note: Replace File with the actual filename of the DLL.
  • Step 5. Push Enter to execute the command. Click the OK button on the pop-up which verifies the command was successful.
Windows XP:
  • Step 1. Hit on Start and go to Run.
  • Step 2. Type CMD in the run box and press Enter.
  • Step 3. Type regsvr32 /u file.dll
Note: Replace File with the actual filename of the DLL.
  • Step 4. Press Enter to execute the command. Hit the OK button on the pop-up which confirms the command was satisfactory.

Tips For You:

Tip 1. When you execute the command into the command prompt, the .dll could not include any spaces or it will fail to execute.

Tip 2. You should know the correct entry point of your .dll file before attempting to run it by Rundll32.
Tip 3. Take advantage of the regsvr32 /u command to unregister the DLLs.
Tip 4. Always create a system restore point before changing or deleting DLL files, as deleting the wrong file can have dire consequences on how the system operates.
Tip 5. You may not know that sometimes these problems are caused by the websites you are visiting and have nothing to do with your registry. Places like Myspace, Facebook and most social networks have these problems now and then.

Download Dll Files Step by Step

When you try different kinds of ways to fix dll or exe error but has no good result, such as oepg.dat. You could try innovative software-SmartPC Fixer. It is the specific process of operating it.
  • Step 1. Download and install SmartPC Fixer.
  • Step 2. Find the System Fix and click Dll Download.


  • Step 3. Type the oepg.dat into the column and click search.
  • Step 4. Register oepg.dat by SmartPC Fixer.
  • Step 5. Please remember that restart computer and see if the dll is downloaded.

That is all about how to use SmartPC Fixer. Just do it step by step.

What People Say?

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  • Howard Allen Says:
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My computer often freezes while I run a lot of programs. I want to Speed it up. I am going to crazy for its slowest speed. This software fixed the issues for cleaning my registry thoroughly. I always want to clean it thoroughly but I do not know how to do it. It helps me a lot. Thanks.

What Could Cause Dll Error?

Sometimes, you may receive an error message stating Windows could not find the filename.dll or A required .DLL was not found or something similar. This means that your computer is missing a dynamic link library (DLL) file or a required DLL is corrupt.

An error message stating that a particular DLL is missing could be caused by several things. A program that was recently uninstalled removed a DLL that was required by another program, a program which was recently installed overwrote a DLL, a bad installation of a program corrupted a DLL, a malicious program such as a computer virus removed a DLL or hardware problems like a bad hard drive is causing the error messages.

How to Restore Dll Files?


Take Msvcr71.dll as example, it would show you how to restore dll files.
Msvcr71.dll is a dynamic linked library included in every Windows computer, and used by many programs developed with Microsoft Visual C++.
Betweentimes, you'll likely receive error messages along the lines of The program failed to initialize as msvcr71.dll file was not located. Re-install the program to rectify the object, or Msvcr71.dll Not Found.
Do not worry about it, you can do as following:
  • Step 1. Open your Web browser and go to any DLL download site's page for msvcr71.dll. (See Resources for links.) Hit on the link labeled Download msvcr71.dll, or something similar. If you are using dll-files.com, ignore the warning regarding advanced computer skills needed---it is simply a ploy to get you to purchase their auto-installation package. For that site, click the Download button and then the link in the window that pops up, to get the file.
  • Step 2. Double-click on the downloaded ZIP file to open it. Right-click on the DLL in the file browser that opens and select Copy.
  • Step 3. Browse to your computer's system folder. It is C:WindowsSystem32 on most versions, and C:WindowsSysWOW64 on 64-bit operating systems. Paste the copied DLL into this folder, so that Windows could find it next time it's needed. If the site you use gives you the DLL in uncompressed form, the way dlldump.com does, merely save it here instead.
  • Step 4. Reboot your PC.
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How to Fix Dll Error,How to Fix Dll not found,How to Fix Dll missing,How to Fix Dll