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How to Fix Dll Error,How to Fix Dll not found,How to Fix Dll missing,How to Fix Dll

01 Jun

How to Fix NamoWec6_hmc-kia_ecbank.enu?

How to Read DLL Files?

As everyone know that dll files are system files that are mainly associated with Dynamic Link Library. DLL files contain a group of functions and/or device drivers which are activated by an application. What is more, DLL files allow several programs to access system procedures by ways of common libraries.
  • Step 1. Right-hit on the DLL file located in the place you initially saved it.
  • Step 2. Click on Open With.
  • Step 3. Choose the Choose Default Program option.


  • Step 4. Hit on the icon of the software you wish to use to open the file---Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 or Resource Hacker.
  • Step 5. Click on Browse only if Windows does not display the application you want to use. Search for it and then hit on Open.
  • Step 6. Click on OK. Your DLL file can open.

As everybody know that Dll, a Dynamic Link Library, is a file which could include code and data used by a lot of different programs at a time, such as Kernel32.dll, etc.

The page will show you how to download and install NamoWec6_hmc-kia_ecbank.enu file. Just have a try.

Free Download NamoWec6_hmc-kia_ecbank.enu

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How to Kill a DLL File?

People might not know that A DLL file contains procedural instructions, resources and assignment by library linking for software applications.
Next, I would like take different types of OS as example:
Windows Vista/7:
  • Step 1. Hit Start and then on the All Programs link.
  • Step 2. Navigate to the Accessories folder.
  • Step 3. Right-click on the Command Prompt icon and select Run as Administrator from the right-click menu.
  • Step 4. Type regsvr32 /u file.dll
Please Pay Attention: Replace File with the actual filename of the DLL.
  • Step 5. Push Enter to execute the command. Click the OK button on the pop-up which affirms the command was successful.
Windows XP:
  • Step 1. Click on Start and go to Run.
  • Step 2. Type CMD in the run box and press Enter.
  • Step 3. Type regsvr32 /u file.dll
Please pay attention: Replace File with the actual filename of the DLL.
  • Step 4. Press Enter to execute the command. Click the OK button on the pop-up that confirms the command was successful.

Here are Some Tips That May Help You:

  • Tip 1. Take Kernel32.dll as an example, it is used by the Windows operating system for memory management. When it is missing, the application which needs it won't operate.
  • Tip 2. Some downloaded files may come in an archived ZIP format. You need either WinZIP or WinRAR archiving software to decompress the file first.
  • Tip 3. Just try to download security patches manually if they can not be installed through Microsoft Update.
  • Tip 4. Make sure Automatic Updates is enabled on the computer and schedule anti-virus scans daily--or weekly at minimum.

What Causes Dll Missing?

Sometimes, you might receive an error message stating Windows cannot find the filename.dll or A required .DLL was not found or something similar. This means that your PC is missing a dynamic link library (DLL) file or a required DLL occurs some errors.

An error message stating that a particular DLL is missing could be caused by several things. A program that was recently uninstalled removed a DLL that was required by another program, a program that was recently installed overwrote a DLL, a bad installation of a program corrupted a DLL, a malicious program such as a PC virus removed a DLL or hardware problems like a bad hard drive is causing the error messages.

How to Clean the Dll Cache?

Many items could be deleted on the system drive of a Microsoft Windows computer when more hard drive space is needed. The DLL cache houses copies of critical system files which Windows uses as replacement files in the event which the files currently in use become corrupt or are deleted. If files in the DLL cache become corrupted or out of date, deleting files in the DLL cache will usually fix the issue. Deleting files in the DLL cache can also help increase available space on a hard drive if needed.
Here is the concrete process of cleaning it.
  • Step 1. Hit the Start button, then click Programs or All Programs, then click Accessories.
  • Step 2. Click the command line icon (if running Windows XP) or right-click the command line icon. Select Run as Administrator.
  • Step 3. Type sfc /purgecache on the command line and hit the Enter key. All files in the DLL cache have now been deleted.

How to Use SmartPC Fixer to Download Dll Files?

When you try different kinds of ways to fix dll or exe error but has no good result, such as NamoWec6_hmc-kia_ecbank.enu. You can try innovative software-SmartPC Fixer. Here is the process of operating it.
  • Step 1. Download and install SmartPC Fixer.
  • Step 2. Find the System Fix and click Dll Download.


  • Step 3. Type the NamoWec6_hmc-kia_ecbank.enu into the column and click search.
  • Step 5. Please remember that restart computer and see if the dll is downloaded.

That is all about how to use SmartPC Fixer. Just do it step by step.

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How to Fix Dll Error,How to Fix Dll not found,How to Fix Dll missing,How to Fix Dll